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Sealand Design LLC's design for a slope restricted site in Melrose, MA. Sealand used drone scans to create a 3d model of the site that was used to model the proposed house into, and to site improvements including repurposed permeable driveway pavers leftover from the ledge removal and native plants. Drone scans were also used to produce current plan underlays from orthophotos for a permitting presentation requesting a variance from the city.

Sealand Design LLC's first-round entry for the City of Providence's Crook Point Bascule Bridge 2020 Call for Ideas. 


Sealand Design LLC's design for AAA Northeast's Fleet and branch campus in East Providence, RI.

Typical New england roadside grasses, perennial shrubs, and trees, remixed into a low maintenance mid-century Zen garden that blends with the surrounding site.


Sealand Design LLC's design for RISE Prep Mayoral Academy in Woonsocket, RI.

The playground/plaza was a response to RISE's concerns relative to protection from vehicular traffic,

privacy screening, an inclusive play structure aimed at accommodating as many students as possible, and a poured rubber surface designed to amplify the building interior's color-coded circulation system to a more fluid, but controlled structural pattern.

Sealand Design LLC's economical, Providence-specific alternative

to the proposed Providence River Pedestrian Bridge.

Sealand Design LLC's RISCA Design Innovation Grant Living Wall proposal - potential location(s). Inspired by the work of French botanist Patrick Blanc.

Elevated pedestrian path under I-95 proposed for the Providence Place Mall's west entrance.

In collaboration with Barnaby Evans.

Living Wall proposed for the Providence Place Mall's west entrance.

Woonasquatucket Greenway lane width/

stormwater management  improverment study along Kinsley Ave./ Providence Place - section shown represents areas with widest riverbank. In collaboration with Barnaby Evans.

Proposed residence overlaid on drone photograph used to illustrate relative scale, as well as environmental impact on neighbor's views, used for building permit.

Conceptual prosthetic boardwalk as experiential, recreator interface for fragile ecologies. 

Site Under Construction - More soon!

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